Casting Tuition

Casting Tuition

Being able to cast a fly rod well is a wonderful pleasure in its own right. When it also allows you to cover that fish or lie that you couldn’t previously reach and results in a prize unobtainable to other anglers – well that’s the cherry on the top! Casting tuition from a suitably qualified instructor can help you achieve that.

As an instructor qualified in both single handed and double handed fly casting to Master and Advanced level by the Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors (AAPGAI), I provide the highest quality of fly casting instruction whatever your current ability.

Whether starting out, improving, or even building towards an instructors’ assessment of your own I can observe, analyse and help you improve upon your current technique. This is a fun and ultimately hugely rewarding trip.

Lessons can be booked as a one off or for a block of sessions that are tailored to individual needs or smaller groups. I am also available to give demonstrations for larger groups and clubs.

Having a wide range of experience myself of fishing abroad for a range of species in fresh and saltwater, I can advise on casting techniques and tackle to help you get the most from that trip of a lifetime.

I often use video analysis as part of my casting tuition. This is used to analyse technique and identify strengths and areas for development and ultimately improve your casting.

You can view and check out some of the casting techniques you could learn in the gallery.

Try before you buy…. 
In partnership with a local tackle dealer, given appropriate notice, I am able to offer clients the opportunity to try out and get specialist advice about, rods and/or lines that they may be thinking of buying.

This is a unique and valuable service which can help ensure you get the product you hoped for, that suits your particular needs and your individual casting style, whilst also avoiding expensive mistakes – we’ve all been there!