Guided Salmon Fishing


For the less experienced angler a guided salmon fishing day will not only show you the most productive lies on the water we fish but we would also expect to:-

– Improve your casting technique
– Show you how to control and actively fish the fly effectively over the best lies
– Learn how to read the water i.e. why the fish lie where they do and at various heights
– Discuss how and where to wade safely and effectively without spooking the fish
– Prepare for what happens and what to do when a fish takes
– Practice how to play, land and safely return your fish
– Understand river etiquette
– Be able to select the most effective tactics and appropriate tackle including tips, lines, flies on any given day

Overall the aim is to have a fun day whilst developing sound basic skills that may well develop to become part of a lifelong passion. There’s nothing that can’t be covered and no such thing as a silly question!


As well as addressing the above points, for the seasoned and more experienced salmon fisher hiring a guide is very often a well-worn path when fishing new water. A good guide can be a short-cut to success as well as adding to your salmon fishing knowledge and ability to effectively fish the water.

I will know the pools well and will be able to share with you my experience of that particular beat, fishing particular pools at various heights of water. This will reduce time wasted spent fishing unproductive water, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on the lies that produce the majority of fish. 

If you are in any doubt my best argument for hiring a guide, or listening very carefully to the ghillie’s advice if the beat has one, is that I do it myself regularly when fishing a new river or piece of water.

All equipment can be provided or bring yours along for help and advice on how to make best use of it.

Prices – guided salmon fishing is available for £100 per half day and £200 full day (add £20 per additional persons).
This does not include salmon fishing permit cost.
contact me for more details.

For information about the North, South and main river visit Tyne Salmon Fishing section of my website.
Visit the FishTyne website for the latest information.

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