What Our Clients Say

“Neil is a brilliant casting instructor, his excellent communication skills and technical knowledge made it easy to understand and learn the mechanics of speycasting.”

Ben Thompson


I was very new to fly fishing when I started having casting tuition with Neil. I didn’t even know how to tie the fly onto the line, let alone any of the subtleties that make good casting such a joy. But under Neil’s patient instruction I rapidly became able to set up my rod and line unaided and learned to use the right cast in the right conditions. 
Neil provides a great balance of getting you fishing right away, while constructively working on your technique. 
What was most important for me was that I soon had the confidence to go off and fish by myself. I’m no expert and still enjoy lessons every year but at least I look like I know what I’m doing by the river- very important when you are a woman!”


Tyne Valley

“The tug’s the drug” so I am told……Well partly.

Even better when it is followed a few seconds later by an eruption, as a silver missile roars out of the water 30 yards away, even if it is completely in the wrong place. Better still to hear a characteristically understated fishing guide cough and say “ er that’s your fish!” Better still if your leader survives the vicious jagging of a very angry fish for what seems a lifetime. Best of all when 14lbs of spring steel eventually ends up in the net.

Then, with legs like jelly, to pick your way back to the bank through a forest of invisible boulders in the black water of the North Tyne; and you have a memory to endure for ever!

David Coleman

After an hour’s coaching on the principles of fly fishing, fly types and casting I was ready for my first ever attempt to catch a trout on a fly rod. Neil’s expert advice and patient guidance was really good, fun and informative. We took out a boat to add to the adventure and Neil quickly found some rising fish. With less than a couple of hours fishing I had caught three trout and missed many other takes. A great evening and definitely something I’ll be trying again!

Marcus - aged 16


“I’d given Neil a ring a few weeks before to arrange a days fishing with a little casting instruction mixed in to brush up my skills.  The stretch of river we fished was beautiful and the water was up a little with a slight peaty tinge, perfect. Neil gave me a little help with my snake roll cast which helped immensely with the downstream breeze. He followed this up with some detailed advice on where I was most likely to find a salmon at that height of water and how to fish these lies in a long run that was just stunning!! After a dozen or so casts working down the pool to where Neil had indicated there was a good lie next to a submerged boulder, the line stopped….. a rock…… no a FISH ! The first run was a a 60 yard downstream dash followed by several more powerful runs, 10-15minutes later Neil expertly slid the net under a huge bar of solid silver, the most beautiful fish I’d ever seen, fresh from the sea with a baltic blue back and sea lice to boot. It was quickly unhooked in the water by Neil, couple of quick snaps and I returned this amazing fish to the river to continue its journey. What an unforgettable day. Thanks for making it possible Neil”.


Tyne Valley

In 2016 I decided to move on from trout fishing to Salmon fishing but I was a complete novice so I contacted Neil for instruction and guidance.
During several weeks of coaching Neil taught me how to execute all of the main Spey casts but more importantly how to cast off each shoulder and when each cast should be used due to the river flow and wind direction. As an AAPGAI instructor Neil is able to quickly identify a fault and his teaching skills enable you to correct it but more importantly teaches you to remember what caused the fault and how to overcome it in the future when fishing alone.
As a guide on the river, especially the Tyne system of which he has intimate knowledge Neil is second to none. He teaches you how to read the river, identify likely Salmon and Sea Trout lies and what tips, lines, flies etc to use. What’s more Neil has access to some of the best beats on the Tyne to put you into fish.
Due to the instruction and river guiding from Neil, I now have the confidence to fish any beat on any river even with total strangers. 
I can highly recommend Neil as a casting instructor and also as a guide, in my mind Neil is the best on the River Tyne.

Malcolm Patterson

Tyne & Wear

As an avid trout & grayling fisherman for over 20 years, I decided to try salmon fishing. My first season was unsuccessful failing to land any fish on the fly.
This season I had the pleasure of meeting Neil Lobban through this casting and teaching program. He is very knowledgable about all casting techniques and information on the various beats throughout the region. I decided to hire Neil for some casting instruction and we fished a main river beat on the Tyne in September’12.
After fixing a few of the failings within my casting, he then identified issues in my fly placement and depth. I was into my first salmon within the first hour of fishing and the fish pictured was my largest that day of just over 13lb.
I felt this tuition was invaluable to me and would recommend this casting program for any casting level. 
Highly recommended”

Micky McDermott


On my first trip, Neil inspired me with so much confidence, that I knew I was going to get my first salmon on the fly……14lbs of silver was the result!

If you want to catch a fish Neil will show you how!



Some people are good fishermen, some good instructors and some are good guides. With Neil with get all 3 rolled into 1 as well as a great guy who makes any days fishing, good fun, enjoyable and entertaining, he never stops in his quest to make sure that you have enjoyed your fishing experience.

We enjoyed a number of guided days on the Tyne with Neil in 2020 and his advice, guidance and enthusiasm ensured we caught salmon despite challenging conditions.

I would thoroughly recommend Neil’s services to anyone. We have already booked for 2021 and can’t wait !!!!

Dave Barratt

county durham

I have fished with Neil for a number of years and will continue to do so. He consistently puts us on fish even in very difficult conditions. His knowledge of the Tyne is second to none. Neil is also a very patient and skilled casting instructor, I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Tom Cull


It really has been a pleasure being guided by Neil over the last few years on various Tyne beats.
When I first booked Neil for salmon fishing and Spey casting tuition, I really was a novice but he soon had me casting properly. He has a very patient and calm approach to teaching and a great ability to help you catch salmon and sea trout.
The more I have fished with him, the more I have learnt to cover the water effectively, improve my casting, choose which flies to use, get more takes and catch more salmon, whatever the weather.
All thanks to Neil.

Eliot Deag


“My dad and I were fortunate enough to spend a most enjoyable day on the river with Neil. His friendly banter made the day one to remember.

He passed on all of his knowledge of the beat which was exceptional and ultimately led to me catching a beautiful 15lb plus salmon. Thanks Neil, we’re looking forward to our next trip with you already”​

Andrew Potts


Neil leads by example, excellent river craft and presentation ensure he is consistently landing fish even when those around him aren’t. He is thorough and attentive coach

Ross Middleton

Tyne & Wear

With Neil’s expert coaching and patience I am now confident I can arrive at the river for a days fishing, regardless of which bank I’m on or direction of wind and enjoy my day.

Neil can instruct you from being a complete novice like myself through the various spey casts whichever the conditions dictate on the day. Whether it’s the graceful single spey or the flamboyant but fun snake roll, it’s a great feeling when it all clicks.You will also learn other essentials such as reading the water to help you find that fishy spot.

I doubt there is a more knowledgeable casting instructor and guide in the North East.

Ken Surrey

Tyne & Wear