Double Handed Spey Casting

Double Handed Spey Casting

Spey casting tuition can be a single session or booked as a series of visits. They can start at the very beginning or be tailored to learn or polish a particular cast. They can be designed to address a particular problem you may want solving or to assess your general technique and then analyse and improve it. Whatever the reason, you will leave having a much better understanding and having made huge progress which can be applied to your practical fishing situations.

Casts covered include the following and will be taught off both the right and left shoulders enabling safe effective casting whatever the conditions;

  • Roll cast
  • Jump roll cast
  • Single Spey
  • Double Spey
  • Circle Cast/Circle C
  • Snap casts including Snap T
  • Snake Roll
  • Perry Poke
  • Overhead cast

I will also help you develop or increase your understanding of the following techniques;

  • Sinking lines
  • Underhand casting
  • Casting short, medium or long belly Spey lines
  • Casting shorter lines like shooting heads and skagit lines 

I can also mentor those preparing for examination/assessments as an AAPGAI qualified casting instructor.

Prices – £100 half day/evening  (add £20 for additional persons)

If you have any questions, would like further information or would wish to make a booking please contact me

Speycasting efficiently and off both left and right shoulders makes any day on the river a pleasurable one. Gone are the days of fighting the wind – it’s now your friend and you use it to give extra energy to every cast. Your fly, instead of fishing for the last third of the swing, now turns over every time and fishes from the moment it lands gently on the water, covering many more fish as you make your way down the pool. You now don’t struggle to reach that oh so productive salmon lie but cover it effectively and at a variety of speeds, angles and depths. Casting a variety of weights of flies, tips and densities of lines is handled without any fuss and covering that flat glassy glide quietly and efficiently without spooking the sea trout in the tail is an effortless pleasure.

To be able to achieve this and more takes practice but if you are practising poor technique then that poor technique is becoming ingrained i.e. practice makes permanent. Spey casting tuition with a properly trained and qualified instructor can make practice productive and ultimately enhance your fishing in terms of enjoyment and catching more fish.

You can view check out some of the casting techniques you will learn in the gallery

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