The Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors is renowned worldwide for the quality of its’ members and the standard of their qualifications.

To achieve full membership trainee instructors will embark upon an extensive mentoring program and are then assessed initially at “Professional” and then within 2 years at “Advanced” level. Each assessment involves a rigorous procedure involving practical, written and presentational elements and assessors expect candidates to demonstrate casting and teaching abilities including fault finding at the highest level. Separate assessments are available to be taken in Double Handed (Salmon) , Single Handed (Trout, Sea Trout and Saltwater) and Fly-tying disciplines.

Anyone employing the services of an “Advanced” member of this association can therefore be assured of the very highest quality of instruction.

I am very proud to hold this “Advanced” qualification in the Single Handed discipline and in addition to the “Advanced” I also hold the further “Masters” qualification in Double Handed instruction.

AAPGAI Advanced Salmon
AAPGAI Advanced Trout, Sea Trout & Saltwater
AAPGAI Masters Salmon

Qualifications I both hold and deliver to aspiring coaches in the North of England include:-

AT Level 2
The Angling Trust 1st4Sport at Level 1 and then Level 2 coaching certificates are not dedicated fly casting qualifications but demonstrate that holders are able to plan and deliver angling related sessions in a safe and effective manner. L2 Coach licence holders must also hold up to date Safeguarding, First Aid and DBS certification.

The CAST awards scheme enables angling coaches and clubs to provide a certificated set of challenges for young and developing anglers to work through from Starter level to Level 6. The scheme provides a useful set of resources which coaches can plan around.