Single Handed Casting

Single Handed Casting

Fly casting lessons can be a single session or booked as a series of visits. They can start at the very beginning or be tailored to learn or polish a particular cast. They can be designed to address a particular problem you may want solving or to assess your general technique and then analyse and improve it. Whatever the reason you will leave having a much better understanding and having made huge progress which can be applied to your practical fishing situations.

Casts covered include but are not limited to;

  • Basic overhead
  • Side cast
  • Single and Double haul
  • Distance casting
  • Improving accuracy
  • All the different Speycasts – see also Double Handed
  • Belgian cast
  • Parachute cast
  • Wiggle cast
  • Reach cast
  • Reach mend cast
  • Curve cast
  • Tuck cast
  • Hook cast
  • Sunk line techniques

I also teach and have up to date personal experience of techniques used regularly in saltwater fishing so if you’re off somewhere tropical give me a ring!

Prices £100 half day/evening (3 hours) add £20 per additional person(s)

If you have any questions, would like further information or wish to make a booking please contact me

Fly casting is a means to an end but done well is also a joy in itself. When fly fishing on a river not only will casting a fly well enable you to catch more fish but also the more difficult and often bigger fish. Why? Well because often the better fish lie in the best places where they both enjoy a conveyor belt of food brought to them by the current but also security in harder to reach spots under trees and cover. Getting your fly where others can’t provides you with a chance to catch these prize specimens. A variety of slack line casts eliminate drag meaning fooling more and better trout and grayling.

On a still-water, casting accurately can really make the difference when casting to rising fish moving high in the water. Turning over the fly consistently when fishing dry fly or under the surface means that more takes are felt and more fish landed. Extra distance means reaching those fish cruising at the edge of that ripple that others can’t. Fishing off both shoulders means I can now fish the downwind areas from both banks whatever the wind direction allowing me to fish areas where food and fish congregate.

Speycasting with a single handed rod can offer quick and efficient changes of direction and allow accurate casts to be made in the very tightest of situations. To be able to achieve this and more takes practice but if you are practising poor technique then that poor technique is becoming ingrained i.e. practice makes permanent.

Fly casting lessons with a properly trained and qualified instructor can make practise productive and ultimately enhance your fishing in terms of enjoyment and fish landed.

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